[vortex] 3com 3c905C & supermicro motherboard

Uncle George gatgul@voicenet.com
Sun Mar 3 12:59:01 2002

I turned off the SMP linux kernel build. 
Now i can send/receive data on the 3c905c. ( using 3c90x driver ) ;-}
 For a hole hour it didnt krash.
unfortunately besides not using the other CPU, the adaptec 1542 scsi/ISA
controller NOW has problems resetting its scsi bus.Oh well

Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> With regards to your message at 09:35 PM 3/2/02, Uncle George. Where you
> stated:
> >Dunno, i thin the kard hoses the bus.  The slot thats it in now (#4 of
> >5) is not shared by a dev on the motherboard, and supposedly not sharing
> >an IRQ. It was assigned 3, but the kern sets up the serial ports ( even
> >if i tell the bios nope! ). irq 7 was for the printer port, not
> >configured in the kernel. but that does not help!
> Have you tried other slots yet?