[vortex] Problems with TX underruns in 2.4.9

Andrew Morton akpm@zip.com.au
Fri Dec 28 21:31:00 2001

James Yonan wrote:
> ...
> 1. I actually have 3 ethernet cards on this system, eth0 is a cyclone, eth1
> is a vortex (the problem card), and eth2 is a vortex (not stress tested
> yet).  Is busmastering a card-independent function, i.e. can they all be
> masters, or must I only set one bus master, and if so, which should be the
> master.
> 2. Is the busmastering issue relevant because I have two vortices... would
> the problem go away if I only had one vortex + one cyclone?

No, it's a per-card function.  Each of your three cards can
be a busmaster.  For some reason it appears that one of your
cards has been configured to not be a busmaster.  Software
isn't keeping up and you get an underrun.

Perhaps.  I'm not sure at what point in the PIO transfer the
transmit actually starts...

> 3. Unfortunately I don't have DOS... is there a way to do this on linux?

No easy way, I'm afraid.  I did it once by mangling Donald's
vortex-diag tool, but it wasn't pretty.

You just need a dos floppy....   freedos may suit.  I don't
know - the only time I tried to use the 3com app, it went
silly and didn't work.  Some user interface problem.  :(