Markus Fraedrich mfr@kt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Dec 4 09:50:01 2001

We are searching for a method to "control" the ethernet bus with changing
the IFG timing.
It is possible to give one station a higher priority on the bus with setting
the IFS of the other(s) station(s) to the
maximum IFG (IFS+448BIT).
The higher priority is for realizing a mpeg stream, and should be only for
packets of this streaming.
At the moment we realize this setting by writing the register with an IOCTL
Now I search for a method to build a own high priority queue which includes
this MAC settings automatically.
Im not sure if it is possible to reach this with the DPD1 setting of the NIC
or if it is easier to implement this
in a QoS Class (more Kernel specific).

Markus Fraedrich