[vortex] 3c905b stuck in 10Mbit mode

Bogdan Costescu bogdan.costescu@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Dec 3 08:03:01 2001

On 2 Dec 2001, Brian Densmore wrote:

> and v0.99x [ x= I don't recall] 3c90x.o module driver.

Please realize that there are 2 drivers which support this card for 2.2 
kernels: 3c59x and 3c90x, the second from 3Com. They have different code 
and different behaviour; they also have different options, so please try 
to be clear about what you have tried.

> I have also tried:
> alias eth0 3c90x
> and the option line below
> options 3c59x options=0

That's exactly what I'm talking about: you want to use the 3c90x driver, 
but specify options for the 3c59x driver... This won't work!

> and also each of these values too: 1 4 5 6 8 9 and 10 and options
> debug=3 or debug=7 produces no logging and I'm logging all kern
> messages

With the above setup that's no wonder. Please go back to the initial(?) 
setup with:

alias eth0 3c59x
options 3c59x ...

if you want them to work. You can get some info/debug from 3c90x too, but 
you'll have to figure out yourself how and what it means...

>From the vortex- and mii- diag output, I would guess that you have some 
default media in the EEPROM of the card set to something else than 
autonegotiate. Please use 3Com's DOS utility (3c90xcfg.exe, you should be 
able to find it on floppies/CD or on 3Com's web site) to set both speed 
and duplex to "auto" or "N-WAY". Then also set the switch port to 
Another solution (not recommended): set the switch to 100Mbit, then use 
module option 4, or even better use "mii-diag -A 100baseTx" or 
"mii-diag -F 100baseTx" after loading the module without options.

Bogdan Costescu

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