[vortex] Windows 98 crashes trying to connect to server

Dep. MEDIA media@vitrina.ro
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 17:27:27 +0300

I have a Linux Server (Pentium 150) with Caldera 2.3. I've just upgraded
the whole network (PC's & MacIntosh) at 100 Mbps and also have some PC's
at 10 Mbps.
I've installed in the server a 3c905B NIC, using the driver downloaded
from 3com site. Everything worked fine, even Samba and netatalk worked.
No errors at compiling stage, anything. The server could be contacted
over the network by the PC's and the Macintosh.

The problem occured when the PC's with 100 Mbps tried to copy files from
server. Windows 98 crashed completely. This problem does not have the
Macintosh and the PC's with 10 Mbps cards.

I even tried to compile the source with SMP option (as it's said in the

Please help me in this matter.

Ovidiu Pop