3C905B-Tx problem in a Token ring-ethernet enviroment.

Rodolfo Delgado B. r.delgado@ieee.org
Fri Nov 6 09:06:53 1998

I have installed a 3C905B-Tx in a linux box in a token ring- ehernet
The card works fine but regrettably  it only sees the machines on the
ethernet side of the net it cannot ping the machines on the token ring
When I ping to the broadcast addresses the machine receives the answers
of all the machines of the net.  The card works fine on W95.
I suspect that the problem is on the big endian- little endian  problem
but I dont know how to fix it.
Below is the network diagram of the network

                                                    Cabletron Switch
                     Etherneth Side
9000                 Token Ring Side
            ------------------            ------------
           |                                        |    |       |     |

                     _                             |    |       |     |
                    |_ |                           |    |       |     |
                 IBM PC 300GL         |    |       |     |
                                                    |    |       |     |


Thanks in advance for any information and/or sugestion you could send

    Rodolfo Delgado

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