[vortex-bug] Need help with the 3c59x driver with kernel 2.4. 0 - 2

Amit Chaudhary amitc@brocade.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 15:16:33 -0800

Hi all,

Just an FYI, I finally resolved the issue after getting someone from our team to look at it. It happens that only one of our ethernet socket is available for static IP setup, the other is a NT-domain-DHCP clients connection. So, I put in a hub with uplink instead of the Sun workstation and connected. both the Sun and Laptop with linux and now it works just fine on linc 2.4.1 with the driver that andrew wrote.

Sorry took sometime as other things came up.

Thanks for the help.


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> Amit Chaudhary wrote:
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> > Hello Andrew and others,
> > 
> > Thansk for the pointer. I compiled and installed the 2.4.1 
> kernel with the default 3c59x.c replaced by the one mentioned 
> below. The earlier error is gone, but I cannot ping the 
> gateway and beyond. Also, note the same settings work for 
> others linux PCs(none has the same card on linux) on the same 
> floor and have been confirmed by our IT.
> > 
> >
> Everything looks OK.  You're sending packets, getting tx completion
> interrupts, and packets are being received.
> At this point I'd be suspecting the IP layer setup, routing, etc.
> You could try running `tcpdump' on that machine, to verify
> that packets are coming in.