eth0: FIFO buffer overflow

Sean Straus
Wed Jun 9 03:26:40 1999

Has anyone gotten any futher on this one? My RH5.1 box still crashes
only when I'm using it directly. It doesn't seem to crash as just a gateway any
I'm not seeing anything come to the console prior to the crash, but the IRQ of
my eth0 is always lit when it locks.. Anything I can check (I can send you the
from the diagnostic program, but the cards seem to check out okay.).. I'm using

a 905 and a 509, both 10/100tx..

Owen Lynn wrote:

> I'm running Caldera 1.1 base using the 2.0.33 kernel. I have two 905B's in
> the thing. I'm using it as an IP masquerading firewall, and it gets a fair
> amount of traffic. The interfaces come up fine, and the box routes for a
> while,
> anywhere from 4 hours to 1 day. Then, I get a series of messages on the
> console:
> eth0: ..., FIFO buffer overflow (hex number), ...
> followed by a complete lockup of the system. The only way to get it out of
> that state is to hard reset and/or power cycle.
> Does anyone out there have a clue as to what's going on? How do I fix this?
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