3C905B Cyclone

Dagarath dagarath@shreve.net
Fri Sep 25 17:12:42 1998

i had problems with my 3c905b and redhat linux 5.1.   Updating to the
2.0.35 kernel seemed to fix it.  that included the .99e driver.

Note: i still have problems with the ff.ff.ff.ff station address after any
type of 'warm boot'  I have to completely shut off the power to the ATX
board in order for it to work.

At 12:47 PM 9/25/98 -0700, you wrote:
>It looks like I have joined the list of people having trouble with the 
>cyclone card. I just got 2 gateway PII's and installed Linux on
>'em. For whater reason one machine came with the 3C905B and the other
>came with an SMC card (go figure??). The SMC based machine works fine, 
>but I can't get the one with the 3C905B to work on the net.
>It looks like my symptoms are pretty typical of others I've seen
>reported to the list. The OS finds the card and everything looks
>good. It can ping itself, but not anyone else. Does anyone have
>anything new to suggest??
>					-- Scott
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