509B new installer help

twm139@its.to twm139@its.to
Sun Sep 6 00:08:07 1998

On 04-Sep-98 Shawn Evans wrote:
> I have a 509B netork card that I am trying to get to work with my Linux
> box.  I am running Stampede 0.86.  I downloaded the new 509x.c file and
> overwrote the one in my kernel source directory.  After I did that I
> rebuilt my kernel with networking support for 509 then did:
> <make dep; make clean; make bzImage>
> then I copied bzImage to my boot partition, then rebooted.
> Then I went back to the source and did a 
> <make modules>
> Did I do something wrong???  When I type in ifconfig, linux still
> doesn't see it.

Did you run a 
make modules_install

Then run 
# depmod -av 
# modprobe 3c59x

and see what comes out in the log. If you can ifconfig, route and ping, it
works. :)


> thanks,
> Shawn

E-Mail: twm139@its.to
Date: Sun Sep  6 00:08:07 1998
Time: 22:06:26

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