3c59x.c v0.99F doesn't work with 3c905 cards?

Juergen Vigna jug@sad.it
Wed Sep 2 09:51:25 1998

On 01-Sep-98 Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk wrote:
> Could more specifically state whether the driver works in either or any of

I set the adapter (with the supplied 3c90xcfg.exe) to 100M Full/Half Duplex

> 100M Full Duplex ?
> 100M Half Duplex ?

The 3c59x.c v0.99E does not work in any 100M Mode (half/full), it just
switches to 10M Mode and works with that.

The 3c59x.c v0.99F WORKS with both settings.

I did not try the autonegotiate with the v0.99F.

> as I've seen oddities with 3c905B even on NT4 latest driver. This seemed to
> be dependent on duplex settings....
> Also whether you've tried forcing the link speed via conf.modules or simply
> let it autonegotiate up to the hub speed?

No I did not set anything in conf.modules could you give me a hint how
to set there values for the v0.99E version so that I can force 100M-Mode?

Greets Jürgen


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