[tulip] Tulip Driver problem (I think)

David Pitts dpitts@library.uwa.edu.au
Mon Feb 3 20:04:01 2003


I am trying to set up a Bering LEAF firewall/router using two old DEC
PCI NICs.  Bering uses Linux kernel 2.4.x.  I have an existing (working)
firewall set up on these cards based on an older version of LEAF
(Eigerstein) and the Linux kernel (2.2.x).  I am using tulip drivers in
both versions of the firewall.

In my new setup I am seeing an interesting problem.  The driver seems to
run ok, but doesn't give the 'link beat good' message.  The link light
on the NIC lights when I connect from my hub, but the link light on the
hub doesn't light.  

Syslog records when I plug and unplug the cable into the NIC so the PC
must being 'seeing' something from the hub.  I tried to set the debug
mode on my LEAF Tulip module but it tells me its an invalid option.  

I am not sure that the module I am using is compiled in 2.4.  Does it
need to be?  I don't get any unresolved symbol errors.

If anybody out there can give me any advice or recommendations on what
my next step should be with this, I would be truly grateful!!


David Pitts
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Reid Library 
University of Western Australia

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