[tulip] Permanent interrupt mitigation with 21143 quad card

Luke Stratman lastra@wm.edu
Fri Nov 15 08:22:01 2002

Just a quick followup on my experiences with Ben's patch:

With the patch applied to the 2.4.20-rc1 kernel (though I imagine you
could reproduce the results on any of the 2.4.19 kernels as well), I'm
now able to obtain full speed (~95 Mbps) routing with all interfaces
active on my 21143-based quad card.  If any of you out there are trying
to do something similar for a network testbed of some kind and want to
give the patch a try, I've made it available for download from
http://halo-x.wox.org/download/misc/tulip_2.4.19.patch.  Enjoy :).


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Luke Stratman wrote:
> The patch worked perfectly, thanks a million; I'm now getting full
> throughput routing (~95 Mbps) when all four interfaces are active.  As
> you might imagine, this saved a hell of a lot in terms of time and
> for hardware upgrades, so thanks again.
> -Luke

Please let the list know, it might induce folks to think about applying
the patch to the main kernel :)

What NICs are you using, btw?


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