[tulip] Tulip driver fails to autonegotiate correctly

Matthew J. Secaur mjs@bigfoot.com
Mon Dec 17 12:26:01 2001

Hello, all!
	I am running box at home with SuSE Linux 7.3.  The network is a 10BaseT-HD with a cheap hub.  When loading the tulip 
module with no options, I fail to get a link light.  tulip-diag shows that the card is set to 100BaseT, which is obviously not 
right.  The only way (of which I am aware) to force the tulip driver to use 10BaseT is by using options=4, which forces it to 
10BaseT-FD.  So I get connectivity, but since the duplex is wrong, I only get about 8KB per second with a lot of collisions.
	Is there a way to force 10BaseT-HD in the driver?  If not, how can I get the driver to correctly autonegotiate the 
line speed and duplex?
	I purchased a cheap PCI network card this weekend and it seems to work just fine with autonegotiation on the same 
hub (but a different driver for the card).
	Any help or input is appreciated!