[tulip] MiniPCI Ethernet NIC, RedHat7.2 and tulip-0.92wax.tar

John Conrad johnconrad@chello.se
Tue Dec 4 02:09:01 2001

Hi ---

Rh7.2(kernel 2.4.7-10) does not recognize the compaq 10_100 MiniPCI Ethernet
NIC in my compaq presario 1700 laptop.

The tulip driver (tulip-0.92wax.tar) from Scyld is rumored to work with this
MiniPCI NIC and RH7.2.

When I try to to compile the driver I get a lot of unresolved symbol errors.

IS THERE ANYONE who has sucessfully compiled (or in some manner
installed)the tulip driver for this MiniPCI Ethernet NIC and RH7.2( and
hopefully on a compaq presario 1700)?

I would really appreciate step by step instructions.

Thanks and feeling
Dumb and desperate
John Conrad