[tulip] Recognizing the new driver at bootup

David Shochat shochat@acm.org
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 11:33:43 -0500

Phil Barone wrote:

> I'm tellin you! I am helpless.

Really? Sounds to me like you've made progress.

> Edited /etc/sysconfig/network: NETWORKING=yes
> Created in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts called ifcfg-eth0 like suggested.
> Did /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart
> Network seems to have come up as i can now ping around. Yea, minor skirmish
> won.
> I ran netcfg or the network option from control-panel, can't remember which
> and now can't get any graphical displays. I have three terminals up but am
> afraid to reboot cause it looks like my DISPLAY is set wrong. I have tried
> setting DISPLAY to my IP address and still the display doesn't come up.

Go ahead and reboot. If it works like mine (and I think you did say you 
also have RedHat), your hostname will automatically be set to the name 
that corresponds in DNS to the IP address that you get from DHCP. You 
don't need to do anything with the hostname.

When you come up your DISPLAY will just be :0, which will be fine.

It should also work to set DISPLAY to your IP address with ":0" 
appended. Or your hostname with ":0" appended once you know your host name.

I should have been clearer about netcfg. I just run it on the command 
line. I'm assuming you either are root before starting X or you login as 
root on the xdm screen (before running netcfg). If you su when already 
in X it's a little more complicated.
-- David

> Somehow I have not the right configuration of hostname, can't run netcfg as
> it is graphical can anybody tell me what files should contain what?
> 1.) my domain is taken from my Roadrunner Cable modem domain, 'rr.cfl.com'
> 2.) I selected some random name for the hostname, say for example 'idiot'.
> 3.) Using the hostname command I have :# hostname idiot
> 4.) There is a file in etc called HOSTNAME: it contains: idiot
> 5.) I added an entry in /etc/hosts with my ip address I got from the dhcp, I
> know this changes so not sure what needs to be done here. anyway it looks
> like this:
>             xx.xx.xx.xx idiot.cfl.rr.com idiot