Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Cardbus....

Jim Morris
Wed Mar 1 00:18:15 2000

Paul PH Wilson wrote:
> I am still having no luck with my Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Cardbus
> PCMPC200 network card.
> I am currently using kernel 2.2.14, and tulip 0.91g2 (10/9/99).
> The card is recognized fine, the LED's show a link and activity, but I
> continue to get the well-known 'Tx hung, x vs 0' message.

I have the identical card in my Laptop - it works using the tulip-cb
module included in the most recent releases of the PCMCIA package for
Linux... I don't recall the WWW site, and am not on my laptop just
now... I do think that the driver is later than 0.91g - and it has some
comments indicating some fixes for a Xircom Cardbus card that apparently
improved matters for the Linksys Cardbus adapter....

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