Problem w/ 2 Netgear NICs

Edmond Howser
Sun Feb 28 05:21:11 1999

Single netgear cards work on a number of different OSes on my system.   With
a single card, eth0 & de0 is fine at 10 & 0xFC00 in their respective OSes..
Everything works greats.

When I insert a second, neither works under FreeBSD 2.2.7, Slackware 3.6, or
Red Hat 5.2.  The IO ports are the same (per /proc/pci) as under Windows
(0xFC00 & 0xF480)
but the IRQs come in at 255 under Linux vs. 10 & 9.   IRQ 9 was previously
free on my system - it doesn't appear that I have IRQ or port conflicts.

Does anyone has suggestions?

-Edmond Howser