Problem with the whole tulip idea

Deirdre Saoirse
Thu Feb 25 02:33:13 1999

Are you using RedHat? Some of their kernels don't support Tulip for ftp
installs. I don't know if the later ones do. You might check specific
distributions to see if they have tulip-friendly ftp installs.

Or, because you're at Cal Poly, are you at Pomona? Or SLO? If the former,
you might be able to buzz down to one of the install fests at OCLUG in
Fullerton (just down the 57). If you're transport-impaired, several people
come from that area.

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Brady Eidson wrote:

> I have direct access to the internet via an ethernet connection, and my
> card is a card which falls under the Tulip driver category.  I've tried
> a number of different distributions and have got the startup floppies
> for most of the major releases.  The problem is that, unless I totally
> am missing something very obviously, I can't install Linux without my
> ethernet working because I'm going to it FTP direct, but I can't get the
> ethernet without a tulip driver, and I can't get the tulip driver
> installed till I have the Linux kernal running.
> How can I do this all?
> -Brady

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