Success - Linksys Cardbus / Toshiba Tecra 8000

Chris Chiappa
Mon Feb 22 17:44:59 1999

Excellent news - the 0.90p driver (with the hardcoded EEPROM_ADDRLEN that
was discussed on this list) + PCMCIA 3.0.9 fixes the problems I was having
without even having to hardcode the media type.  The PCMCIA drivers were
indeed the problem and it was a late term fix...I was using a 3.0.9 snapshot
and that didn't work, while the released 3.0.9 does.  I suspect it has
something to do with this changelog entry:
-- Added fix for buggy PCI bus enumeration on some Toshiba laptops.
But I don't have anything to back that up with.
Thanks of course to Donald for his awe-inspiring work, and thanks too to the
people who suggested various other short term fixes (which unfortunately
didn't work).


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