Linksys Lite-On and 0.90 vs. 0.90f (patched) vs. 0.90p

Brian Denheyer
Sat Feb 20 13:57:35 1999

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Ding <ericding@MIT.EDU> writes:

>>>>> Brian Denheyer <> writes:

    Eric> Sigh.  I don't yet have the means to test the 169 under DOS
    Eric> or Win95; do these performance problems exist there as well?
    Eric> And why would it happen in one direction but not in the
    Eric> other?  Urgh.

I have win98 and I am using samba, every once in a while the transfer
dies.  Doesn't happen too often.  Transfer speed is very erratic.

    Eric> BTW, trying the UDP test with netperf in the "slow"
    Eric> direction doesn't just go slowly, it actually hangs up the
    Eric> connection while the test is going on.

That's what NPtcp does...

    Eric> Sheesh.  :(


    Eric> Is there any hope of these issues being resolved, or is this
    Eric> a hopeless hardware issue?  =(

I am waiting on some samsung cards with "genuine" dec21140's.
Everybody is out of stock on them.  A friend lent me two and I tried
out them out in the same machines that are having problems with the
169's.  They worked great ( same kernel, driver, etc..) - NPtcp said
better than 90Mbits/s.

    Eric> Eric