21143 and Fulduplex

Massimo Lambertini massimo.lambertini@everex.it
Fri Feb 5 21:17:38 1999


I have a problem .
If i set Fullduplex in my Planet enw9501+ that is a DC21143 the network
work very slow. .
I use a 3com 10/100 Autosensing Nway Switch , and i've tryed with 10/100
switch of Planet , but the problem remain . I use linux 2.0.36 and tulip
driver 0.90 .

In Half duplex I archive about 5 Mbyte / s but in fullduplex less then
100 Kbyte /sec.

I have setup options=0 , options=16 and Options=14 but in Full Duplex (
I watch this
from switch led ) does't work well .

Any Suggestion is welcome .
Thank you in advance .
Please if you send a reply send also email to me .

Massimo Lambertini Webmaster of www.everex.it