Problems with LinkSys 10/100 cards

Brian Denheyer
Fri Feb 5 16:12:29 1999

>>>>> "Donald" == Donald Becker <> writes:

Thanks very much for the info..

    Donald> ____!!!!!!!!!!!!____ Note 3: Some or all Digital chips
    Donald> have a buglet/undocumented-behavior: when the other end is
    Donald> actually in full duplex mode and thus ignoring
    Donald> "collisions", the receiver sometimes fails to reset the
    Donald> buffer pointer after a collision resulting in multiple
    Donald> appended packets in a single buffer.

Couple of more questions while I have your attention :-)

Did you actually have an actual datasheet for the PNIC part when you
put in the mods for it ?

If you did, did you notice that CSR6/bit 31 (special capture effect)
is allegedly "reserved" in the PNIC part vs. the 21143 ?  In general,
the PNIC and 21143 registers track pretty poorly. Do you expect that I
might find other inconsistencies and would you want to know about
them, or should I just try changing the code and maybe sometime next
week I'll figure something out and let you know.

Given the fact that at least one person has reported good performance
with these cards, am I wasting my time ?

The PNIC datasheet I obtained from a kind soul in the FreeBSD camp is
dated Dec 1994, so I am wondering if I should basically throw it away
along with the Linksys cards and go out and buy myself a couple of
REAL Tulip-based cards.

Thanks again



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