Linksys Cardbus working with 0.90k

Dean Martin Townsley
Wed Feb 3 18:34:18 1999

Hi all,
  In case anyone is out there watching like I was I'll report my success.  I 
pulled the new 0.90k driver down from the site today,
and after upgrading to version 3.0.8 of PCMCIA card services (to fix a Cardbus 
oddity) it works!!
  I'm running Redhat 5.1 with a 2.0.35 kernel built from pristine source and 
(now) using card services 3.0.8 on a Gateway solo 5100.
It does give me the error

eth0: The transmitter stopped!  CSR5 is f0678006, CSR6 b20e6202.

once right after I bring up the interface, but after that it works fine, I've 
been using it most of the afternoon.
  Much thanks to Donald Becker for his hard work on this, and to him and 
others for the tulip driver in general, and do Dave Hinds for card services.
-Dean Townsley