compiling tulip under 2.3

Ryan Hoegg RHoegg@CCEX.COM
Thu Dec 16 15:26:25 1999

I sent the following message to Richard Dynes but got a mail relay error
from uunet.. here it is

I have tried them both, and the problem with them is that they do not
perform media detection correctly on my cards (A CNET PRO200 A PRO 120 C
is what is on the scanty manual) which have a Macronix MX98715AEC chip
on them.  The driver is labelled 0.89H.  I will be happy to help patch
and test the 0.91g code on my machine.  I will go through now and see if
I can muddle through patching the PCI Resource handling in 0.91g to work
with the 2.3.xx kernel.  Does anyone know anything else that the driver
will need to work with 2.3 so I can go for that too?