21143 running with 220kB/sec

Danilo Godec danci@kibla.org
Thu Dec 16 07:19:10 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Kurt Huwig wrote:

> Ok, it is a Micronet EtherFast(tm) LAN Adapter, but these are sometimes
> equipped with RTL-chips and sometimes with DEC chips.
> So, the exact brand is:
> 	Micronet SP2500K V2 93117540

The other type (RTL chip) is SP2500X (where X != K ).

I have the same card (SP250K) and it works quite nice giving me (... 
testing right now ...) 10718.98 KB/sec in non-duplex mode. With duplex, I
got even worse results (~50 KB/sec) than you. So DON'T use duplex.

I think I'm currently using tulip v0.91g.