Alpha 164UX

Albrecht Jacobs
Tue Apr 27 09:18:48 1999

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Grahame Jordan wrote:

> Hi!
> I have a couple of Alpha 164UX mother boards that have on board DEC
> 21143 Ethernet
> Controllers.
> I had this trouble with the tulip driver that came with RedHat on intel
> using kernel
> 2.2.3, but overcame the problem with an updated tulip.c, 0.90z.
> If I go through a 100Mhz TX hub and set options=5 the hub senses the
> interfaces 
> but the same problem as above.
> I have just tried the latest driver 0.91 with the same problem.
> How can I fix this?

I have similar problems on a 164UX2 with 21143 onboard. 

Donald Becker: could you PLEASE give a statement to this problem. As far
as I know until now it is hardware related. Is there a way to overcome
this by software (speak: tulip.c)??

I am VERY interested in solving this for our machine shall be a network
server--and there must be hundreds of UX owners with similar problems!

Thanks for all related suggestions!


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