tulip.c 0.91 on Alpha PC164UX/Linux 2.2.6

Greg Siekas siekas@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Thu Apr 22 09:51:33 1999

I have a Alpha station 200 that I used to use tulip.c but with 2.2.6 and
tulip.c-0.91 I can't get a link.  Hopefully I'll have time today to
I also have a Alpha server 2000 4/200 that has no problems with 0.91

Get tulip-diag and libmii.c and get the output from the diags. 


Albrecht Jacobs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to this list--hope not to ask the same old questions again ...
> I am currently running Linux 2.2.6 on an Alpha PC164UX2.  I tried out
> tulip.c 0.91 but it doesn't work :-( The port LEDs on the connected switch
> blink unsteadily (they should burn steady, only flashing out when traffic
> is detected).  At the moment 0.90q seems to work best with my hardware but
> I have to use 'options=16,0' (there is a second interface on an
> Intraserver adapter) to force it to 100 Mbit. Sometimes the connection
> gets lost, sometimes its only half duplex.
> I would like to help improve tulip.c. Is there somebody with similar
> problems? What information do you need?