DEC PCI 21142 with Transceiver

Gernot Bauer
Wed Apr 21 07:48:08 1999

"Hall, Jon S." wrote:
>   I have a Digital Celebris GL 6200 with a DEC PCI 21142 network chip
> using an AUI cable and transceiver.  I've tried the tulip.c module that
> came with RH5.2(0.89) and that didn't do a thing.  After lurking on this
> list, I found enough suggestions to tool around with the driver a
> little.  I've downloaded the 0.90 version of the driver, commented out
> the DEFAULT_MEDIA_TYPE line in it and loaded it into the kernel directly
> instead of as a module.
 Hi John, 

I had this problem on the same machine (Celebris 6200 GLST). What I did
was to set the media-type manually (in the code). If you want, Ill send
you my tulip-file set to 10base2-media or whatever you need. I only
succeeded with the 0.79-driver because newer drivers are quite different
from 0.79. 

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