Is there a BSD port of tulip.c

Wed Apr 14 19:57:46 1999

> I've been working very hard over the years to make certain that tulip.c
> supports the most cards possible.  And it does take much more time than most
> people realize -- I've spent of my time over the past week
> working on releasing v0.91, and I still have about a dozen cards to test
> before I release it.

A lot of Linux users are probably using (or more) of your Linux drivers without
realising it. Without your hard labour, we wouldn't have as many NICs to choose
from as we do now.

> > So, I am thinking of
> > doing a BSD port of tulip.c (need to evaluate whether
> > it can be done easily).. and I was curious to know
> > whether anyone else has this port already??? If yes,
> > can you pls provide pointers??
> You can do the port, but it would be a violation of the license to
> distribute the result.  I am not willing release the Tulip driver under a
> BSD-style license.

Unless he were to release it under the GPL, but then it couldn't be distributed
with *BSD. But if you ask me, it would still be a lot better than not getting
a NIC to work under *BSD. I hope Ramkumar will consider his options. A new
tulip driver would be appreciated. (My Accton EN1207 is still flakey with the
DE driver that comes with FreeBSD 2.2.6 - 100baseTX doesn't work very well.)