Fw: KNE100TX - Question re: Port Selection

Kevin Traas ktraas@netmaster.ca
Tue Apr 13 19:02:51 1999

Greetings everyone,

I sent this message a few days ago and haven't heard anything from
anyone....   Is it that no one can help me or is it an RTFM issue and
everyone's been to polite to tell me?   ;-)

I've got people trying to sell me 21143-based cards and I'm pretty "gun-shy"
at the moment.....

Please help..


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From: Kevin Traas <ktraas@netmaster.ca>
To: linux-tulip@beowulf.gsfc.nasa.gov <linux-tulip@beowulf.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Date: Tue Apr 13 19:02:51 1999
Subject: KNE100TX - Question re: Port Selection

>I'm having a problem with a new Kingston KNE100TX card with the 21143.
>got three of these cards in a box here (running tulip-0.90z) and two are
>working fine.  I'm having a problem with the third.
>tulip-diag reports that "Port Selection is MII, half-duplex" for the two
>cards that work and "Port Selection is 10mbps-serial, half-duplex" for the
>third.  I'm fairly sure this port selection was because my laptop tried
>negotiating a 10Mbps connection to this port (via a cross-over cable) and
>that set the card and... now I'm stuck.
>How do I reset the Port Selection on this card?  I've looked for info, but
>found nothing.  Rebooting, removing the card, etc. did nothing.  The port
>selection is obviously in the card EEPROM.
>1.  Why is this card stuck on 10Mbps even if I attach a 100Mbps device to
>the other end of it?  Why won't it renegotiate?
>2.  How do I "change" the EEPROM (other than tulip-diag -E which is not
>documented anyway....)
>3.  Is this problem a bug with the driver?
>4.  Does tulip-0.90z support 10Mbps connections via the 21143 at this time?
>(100Mbps seems to be okay...)
>5.  How stable is 21143 support?  The FAQ at Greg Siekas' site isn't too
>reasuring...  ;-)
>Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
>Kevin Traas