Tulip based Network Adapter

HO Soo-Khim sookhim@internet-appliance.com
Fri Apr 9 03:30:00 1999


Wonder if anyone come across this scenario.

Whenever I have two network adapters, one Tulip-based Network Adapter
(DEC 21143) and
one RTL8139 based Network Adapter (Both PCI). The moment I reboot the
system, the system
always bind eth0 to the Tulip based Network Adapter. Regardless of which
PCI slot that I placed 
the Tulip-based Network Adapter (Can be IRQ 10 or 11).

If I used two Tulip-based Network Adapters, the eth0 is alway bind to
Network Adapter at IRQ 11.
But with two RTL8139 based Network Adpaters, the eth0 is alway bind to
the Network Adapter at
IRQ 10.

Thanks for reading.


HO Soo-Khim