6944 compared to 6940

Christopher E. Brown cbrown@denalics.net
Thu Apr 8 03:20:42 1999

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Kevin Williams wrote:

> Hello All,
> Is there any difference between the use of an ANA-6944 and an ANA-6940
> in a Linux Beowulf cluster of four Pentium II's? There is a bit of
> networking terminology I am not familiar with - 100BASE-T4 and
> 100BASE-TX: is one of these standards preferred for single port "normal"
> fast ethernet cards?

	You want the 6944, other than needing the reverse probe option in
the tulip driver they just drop in.  I have three in production use right

100Base-TX is a 2 pair 100Mbit ethernet, uses the same pair scheme as
10Base-T.  100Base-T4 is a 4 pair 100Mbit ethernet spec.  Never widely
used, and (IIRC) was designed to run 100Mbit ethernet over lower grade
cables.  As cat5 cable became easily available it fell from favor along
with 100AVG AnyLan stuff. 

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