Pre-announce for v0.90z (it's not quite ready yet).

Donald Becker
Wed Apr 7 16:14:59 1999

Some people have already noticed the v0.90y test driver from last night.
It's already obsolete -- it sometimes resets the 21143 autonegotiation state
machine after switching to the negotiated media type.

I'll post a real announcement for 0.90z sometime soon, hopefully this
evening.  If there are no serious bug reports, this will be become v0.91
(and perhaps eventually v1.00).

 It will have the following change list:

  Tested support for many new chips (vs. 0.90)
    Macronix (not all types tested)
    TX9881 (really a Macronix 98713)
    ADMtek Comet  AKA STmicro ST10/100  
    ASIX, including a work-around to the unlimited burst mode bug that
       randomly writes memory and/or locks the PCI bus.
  The 21143 media selection has been rewritten.
    Many additional 21143-TD cards supported.
      Specifically CardBus designs with SYM transceivers that previously
      didn't work in any mode. 
    Robust 21143 SYM autonegotation+autosensing support.
      The driver now autosenses the speed quickly 
      You can now unplug cables and the driver will correctly renegotiate
        the session.
      The driver emulates the MII transceiver ioctl() calls to report the
        negotiation status.

Donald Becker
USRA-CESDIS, Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences.
Code 930.5, Goddard Space Flight Center,  Greenbelt, MD.  20771