Win98+FA310TX -> crossover -> Linux 2.0.35+FA310TX fails to negotiate.

John Kennedy
Thu Dec 10 10:23:52 1998

[David Pesticcio]
>  I have a Windows box (Win98), and a Linux (kernel 2.0.35 tulip.c
>  v0.89H) box connected via a CAT5 crosover cable of the order,
  [... pinout looks Ok ...]
>  The windows driver seems to lock the card at 100Mb FD, which is
>  fine. Accept the Linux box fails to see that correctly, and runs
>  at 100Mb HD. :-(
>  Is there any explaination to this? Have I done anything
>  incorrectly? ...

  Not necessarily.  IMHO, and in the opinion of more than a few
100bT switch & NIC vendors that we use, the auto-negotiation process
was written too loosely and doesn't always sync up correctly.

  If it is an auto-sync problem, you're going to end up locking one
card at FD manually.  The linux driver supports that, if you load it as
a module and give it some load-arguments.
								--- john