100MBit Problems with MX98713 (without MII)

Thimo E thimo.e@digithi.han.de
Sun Dec 6 16:46:30 1998


I have a real annoying problem...I have 2 PRO110 Cards with the MX98713
Chipset but without MII. They are connected with a crosslink cable. One OS
is Win98 and the other is Linux. On the Win98 the card works correct (Media
speed etc. can be set). My Problem is the Linux card. For example i cannot
force the speed of the card. The tulip diag programm always report 10MBit
half duplex. When I force the card in my Win98 Computer to 10MBit then the
10MBit connection between the 2 cards works well. But when the cards are
connected with 100MBit (the 100MBit LED is on) I can't get any connection
between these two PCs (even ping does not work). Can anybody help me ?

  Thimo E