fastest card

Douglas Eadline
Wed Dec 2 19:46:50 1998

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Andy Arvai wrote:

> We are looking to get a fast 100 Base-T PCI network interface card for
> a PC running RedHat 5.1. The PC will be in a data collection
> application and will need to transfer large (10MB) files as fast as
> possible. I have heard positive comments about the DEC tulip chip and
> the tulip driver. We tried to get the SMC Etherpower card, but this
> has been discontinued. Does anyone have any recommendations for what
> the fastest card would be? Are they all about the same, except for
> price? The price is not an issue. We would be willing to pay extra to
> get the fastest card since the price is relatively cheap anyway. Any
> advice appreciated.

Any DEC tulip card will give you almost line speed
and you channel bond if you need double line speed.

Stay away from the Lite-On Tulip clone.  They get about
75% line speed. (using netperf)

Now the problem is that many vendors have silently shifted to Lite-On
chips.  As soon as Don releases the .91 tulip driver (hint, hint), we
tested a DEC tulip 21143 NIC from KTI that works great (but not with .90)

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