Multiple PCI devices on the same IRQ: kernel or driver?

Jon Lewis
Tue Dec 1 01:42:45 1998

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Michael Ogg wrote:

> There's another solution that I've used successfully (albeit reluctantly):
> you can "hard wire" a particular PCI slot to use a specific IRQ.  Many
> (possibly all) BIOS allow you to do this.  The reluctance should be

Believe it or not, there are brain damaged BIOS's that don't allow this. 
I have 2 servers based on AIR motherboards that have this problem, and
after being lead on by support@air for a few weeks and then told "there is
no update for your board, have a nice day", I decided it would be a really
good idea to not buy AIR stuff anymore. 

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