ANA-6911A/TX - one card works, 2 fail

Johannes Walther
Sat May 15 05:12:35 1999

Charles X wrote:

( Sorry for my english )

> Sorry to bother you again,
> I still can't get the ana-6911atx to work...

the same on my ana-6911a/txc with rj and AUI (BNC), but a litle bit

> Oh, I put a ana-6911a/tx(dec 21143-PA) which only has a 10/100 base rj-45 connector and we get green light and ping works
> I put in another one(dec 21143-PA) with a rj and a twist-on connector
> and it doesn't work.
> I tried a 3rd different kind (still same dec 21143-PA) with a rj,
> twist-on, and AUI connector and it doesn't work too.
> So, if I just use the cards with rj only connectors I'm ok ( I will
> try to find some more), yet a card with more than an rj connector
> doesn't work.
> Does this help any?

OK my testing...

i put an ana-6944a/tx and she work fine with 100MB 4 ports ok with

Two ana-6944a/tx works fine with tulip-0.91... 

An older single card with DEC-21140 work fine.....

i put an ana-6911a/tx with DEC-21143 and the light gos on, driver
loading on boot. The light go,s out when i make an ifconfig. The other
side is the same card with an HUP to connected and work on other
maschines fine with an other System (not Linux). 

the same effect is when i put three cards (one ana-6944a/tx, one
ana.6911a/tx and one ana-6910?[fiber]) 

allways the same problem with the ana-6911a/tx

I thing is an Problem with the MII device on the Card.... 
I have test many parameters in  /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/CONFIG, 

I have test it with tulip-diag, an cant set the card wit the parameters
for MII device.

I can send any output from tulip-diag on Monday, the cards is on

Johannes Walther  //http:??//

Johannes Walther  //http:??//