ANA-6911A/TX - still not working...

Donald Becker
Fri May 14 13:28:13 1999

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Charles X wrote:

> I still can't get the ana-6911atx to work?
> driver version - v0.91
> I'm running redhat 5.2
> "insmod tulip"
> /lib/modules/preferred/net/tulip.o: a module named tulip already
> exists

I suspect that you are actually running the older driver distributed with
  mv /lib/modules/2.0.35/net/tulip.o /lib/modules/2.0.35/net/tulip.o.orig
  mv tulip.o /lib/modules/2.0.35/net/

> I have tried options tulip options=X debug=0
> where X was 0,9,11,12 - yet nothing would work

You shouldn't need to use any options.

Donald Becker
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