[scyld-users] Scyld system mysteriously locks up

Eric R Johnson bioinformaticist at mn.rr.com
Wed Mar 17 21:53:01 PST 2004


I purchased a 4 node, 8 processor Scyld (version 28) cluster 
approximately 6 months ago.  About 5 days ago, it started mysteriously 
locking up on me.  Once it is locked up, I can't do anything except 
physically reboot the machine.
Unfortunately, I am rather new to Linux clusters and, since it worked 
"right out of the box", I have had no experience in troubleshooting.  
Can someone give me an idea of where I should start?
I have the BIOS on all machines set to do a full memory check on startup 
and the /var/log/message file shows nothing.

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