[scyld-users] Database searches on Scyld

Timo Lassmann timo.lassmann at cgb.ki.se
Fri Feb 28 05:00:00 PST 2003

Hi everyone,
	I am working in a bioinformatics group in Stockholm. We had a beowulf
cluster for a long time and are now thinking of switching to the new
scyld beowulf version. We mainly use the cluster for database searches
and in our old setup we had to have local database copies installed on
all nodes for extra speed. Since in beowulf 2 everything is only
installed on the master node, would our parallel searches run as fast?
And if it will be as fast how difficult is it to install pvm based
applications over to the new setup? 

Thank you very much in advance,
	Timo Lassmann

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