[scyld-users] slave processes hang

Pirabhu Raman pirabhur at MPI-SoftTech.Com
Thu Dec 4 12:07:01 PST 2003

I am trying to use totalview to debug MPI processes. While it works fine
on rank 0, all the processes hang on pthread_create call on other ranks
when started with totalview for debugging. The same program runs fine
without totalview. I am using the basic/demo version of Scyld operating
system. I was wondering whether debugging works at all in Scyld systems.
If so, could anyone provide any suggestions or pointers to resolve this

Thanks in advance,

Pirabhu Raman
Software Engineer
MPI Software Technology, Inc.
110, 12th Street, North Suite D103,
Birmingham, AL 35203

Ph:  205-314-3471 Ext-207
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