[scyld-users] Cluster is up - how to program?

Gregg Germain gregg at head-cfa.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 29 13:00:10 PDT 2003

Hi all!

Thanks to some helpful folks I got my 4 nose Scyld-Beowulf cluster up and 
running (just needed to buy a hub).

 I've run sample programs such as mpi-mandel and it seems to work fine.

 Now I want to start writing programs of my own. I like to start with simple 
"hello world" type programs.

However, I've looked on the Scyld CD and cannot find and tutorials or even 
sample small programs to work with.

 I know I have to lean MPI (doing that now ) but even when I get a simple 
program going (there's a simple hello world program in the MPI book I have), I 
don't now how to run it on a Scyld-based cluster. How do you get the Scyld 
system to take the program you've just built and deal it out among the slave 

 Can anyone point me to a tutorial or a thread that discusses this?

thanks for your help.

--- Gregg

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