at2500 and sound

Emanuele Caratti
Sat Sep 25 04:27:56 1999

Hi! I've a problem with my allied telesyn at2500 card, based on rtl8139a.

I will try to explain it, I hope my english is enough..;)

When I try to play an mp3 via nfs, after a short while, I've got this
message in the syslog 
	Abnormal interrupt, status 00000041.
 From the datasheet this seems to be RXFifoOverflow | RxOK..

And I loose the network connection. I've to ifconfig down;ifconfig up.
Sometimes I need also rmmod & insmod again...

The strange thing is that when the card is in this state, it can transmit
but it can't receive !
With tcpdump I've seen packets from this host, and with ifconfig i've seen
the number of RX packet dropped incresing.
With debug=5 i've seen RxConfig = 8000ff0e, usually is 0000ff0e and I
haven't found the meening of 0x80000000 (on my datasheet is marked as

But only if I play... decoding to /dev/null works without problem, and also
playing a local mp3 with a flood ping (of course it stops, but it restarts
as soon as I stop pinging)
I've also problem playing or recording from/to network ..
Probably the isa soundcard concurs to the problem, but this system without
the at2500 and with an ncr810a scsi controller used to work without any

I've tryed with 1.04, 1.07 1.08 and 1.08[a-k], and with 1.08a  using different
value max_ rx_fifo_thresh and rx_dma_burst.

Until 1.08a doing a test with ttcp -u from a faster host triggered the same

This system is a amd 5x586@133 (This cards don't work with the pci @ 40Mhz)
on sis496/sis497 based soyo mainboard.

	- AT2500 pci
	- ess1868 isa
	- mda
	- 48 MB

btw, i've to enable CPUBurst in the bios... otherwise the card doesn't work



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