Hangs with new Realtek driver in ac5.

Daniel Kobras daniel.kobras@student.uni-tuebingen.de
Sun Sep 19 06:39:58 1999

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Donald Becker wrote:

> I spent two hours on the phone Friday tracking this down, but I'm unable to
> reproduce the problem myself.  It apparently only happens on (only some?)
> PentiumII systems, not on my Pentium, P-Pro, K6 or 486 systems.  The
> work-around, as you discovered, is using -DUSE_IO_OPS, which I've now made
> the default.

I can reproduce it reliably on my Dual-PII and on my K6, see my previous
mail on that topic. 

> I still don't understant why this would hang the machine, as there is no
> unlimited for/while loop.

I doubt it's such a trivial software issue. Leaving aside the ATX hang
I've experienced, it completely hangs my SMP box. No sysrq, no numlock
led. And I don't think the code disables IRQs globally. So even if the
driver's stuck in a tight loop with IRQs disabled locally, the other CPU
should still be functional and handle interrupts, shouldn't it? To me this
looks very much like somethings messing up the PCI bus, either the realtek
or the PCI bridge. 

> BTW, normally bug reports should be sent to the linux-realtek mailing list.

Your realtek homepage still mentions it as not yet set up. Could you
please update the comment?



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