[eepro100] About eepro "out of resources" bug

Josh Stern jstern@citilink.com
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 01:34:52 -0500

Hello all,

I  discovered this list by doing a web search for info related
to the "out of resources" bug on Linux with the eepro100
adapter.   What I gathered from reading the messages
was that the cause of the bug has not been identified,
and it was hard to reproduce, but some people thought
it might be related to heavy network use.   I wanted to
communicate the fact that I seem to be able to reliably
reproduce this bug on my machine in an odd and
unexpected way:   by playing the game Myth2 from 
Loki Games in solo player mode for a few hours and 
not doing any explicity, user initiated, network 
access (the game may be doing  something I don't know 
about, but I don't know of any  reason for it to do so).   
I am running a Linux 2.4.9 kernel with the driver compiled 
into the kernel itself.  I've set up interrupts so the card is 
not sharing.  As another poster mentioned,  I can clear 
the adapter by restarting networking on my Debian 
system.  I have not experienced any other bugs related 
to this card, or managed to trigger the bug in any other 
way.   I do have a Sounblaster Live Value card installed
on this machine. I have read that this card tends to use
up a lot of PCI resources and generate a lot of traffic.
I may try to play the game without the card installed and
see whether this setup fails to trigger the bug.

Just wanted to communicate this info in case it provides
some different insight into possible causes of the problem.
 I'm not subscribed to this list, so please copy
me at jstern@citilink.com on any follow-up e-mail that
required a response.


-= Josh Stern