[eepro100] (no subject)

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 10:00:27 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Chris Jones wrote:

> I've been using an Intel Pro/100+ NIC for a number of months now with 
> very few problems, but recently it's been doing very strange things.
> I've tried the stock kernel driver (this is the one I've been using for
> months), Intel's e100.o driver and I tried to use the Scyld driver, but
> had some problems compiling it (it compiled stand-a-lone, but gave 
> numerous missing symbols when I tried to insmod it - including printk? 
> How? ;)


You likely need to add  -I/usr/src/linux/include  (with the correct path
for your directory layout) to the compile line to pick up the headers
for your newly built kernel. 
What kernel and distribution are you using?

> The problem is basically that it seems to be unable to cope with 
> sustained traffic. I can burst traffic fine, so things like IRC and web

What is the error message?
What does  eepro100-diag  report about the eepro100 state?

> BP6 to a single Duron on an ABit KT7-RAID, but the entire kernel has
> been rebuilt from scratch without SMP.

Verify that you have your new kernel header files in the proper place.

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