[eepro100-bug] Transmit timed out problems [Was: Hi.]

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Tue Apr 30 18:24:01 2002

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Durval Menezes wrote:

> Too bad other people on the list (specially the good folks at Scyld)
> have not gotten around to answering my original email... I requested
> more information there (like a CVS or RCS or even a plain tar archive
> of intermediate versions of the driver) that would really have helped
> us in solving the problem instead of resorting to workarounds...

Note: Sending email to one of the admin or support addresses at Scyld
when you are not a customer is likely to reduce the likelyhood of
getting a response in the future.  This list is the proper channel, and
I'm can't guarantee a timely response to every problem.

The release announcements summarize the CVS logs.
We don't make the CVS tree available because of the private notes that
some entries contain.  Also, there are a lot of "here, try this"
versions of the driver that contain unreasonable code.

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