Problems with communication via PVM

Tue Apr 25 03:37:58 2000

Hi everyone,

   I have huge problem:
     Have I written application (retracing) and I want paralleling it
     using bproc + PVM.
     I build PVM with BEOLIN settings and when it work without bproc
     all is correct, but when I move process to other computer or
     to this same machine, each sending data to the pvm generate
     strange unreadable message on the screen (some like "@ 43 _ ").
     I try use static and dynamic linked library, all nodes in cluster
     share this same tmp file.
     Please help me, this is very urgent!

     Why after initializing bproc variable errno is not 0, perror
     function show "no such file or directory". Maybe I do something
     wrong. I install bproc step by step like in readme file. Of
     course all tests work correctly.

Best regards,

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